SASTRA / Objectives & Scope

Academic Philosophy of the Institution: The basic academic philosophy of the PGDM institution is the“DVADAHSA UTSAV”that celebrates the convergence of four sets of trinity to create leaders who are capable of making a difference in the world and for its people with additional focus on Indian Ethos & Models of Business

The objective of the proposed institution is to offer a Dvadahsa Utsav centric PGDM programme:

  • To align future managers & business owners from India towards nation building for not only strengthening Indian economy but also make India lead the world’s recovery
  • To prepare thought leaders who can contribute towards policy formulation, wealth creation and human transformation
  • To engage in transformational research through a multi-disciplinary approach with management being the focal strength that drives the research resulting in policy, process and people changes
  • To leverage the strength of Indian Knowledge Systems and blend it with contemporary management practices and reshape the contours of management principles both theoretical & practical
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of management graduates and build capacity amongst faculty and together build a globally reputed management institute that is capable of making a difference to the world and its people through its educated students & faculty
  • To engage with the society and be a positive & progressive contributor towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals